春季学期, MSMS’ 亚洲学生协会 hosts the Annual International Culture Fair where students and community members can check out diverse culture displays.

The Mississippi School for 数学 and Science is proud to offer over 50 unique 俱乐部s and organizations, tailored to individual student interests and abilities. Students are encouraged to create new 俱乐部s based on their interests by following the appropriate process with the Student Government Association. 另外, students have the opportunity for leadership development through elected positions as Class and 俱乐部 Officers. 

Because all 俱乐部s at MSMS are student-led, 与教师赞助商, students have a unique opportunity to shape the activities their 俱乐部s and organizations engage in during their two years at MSMS.   

学生们还 有机会 participate in a wide range of academic and special interest competitions. 一些例子包括智力竞赛, 科学的碗, 国际科学公平, 诗歌大声, Welty创意写作比赛, 学术艺术与写作比赛, 和机器人的第一个. These are just a handful of the competitions MSMS students participate in year after year. Students are encouraged to seek out academic competitions tailored to their unique interests.  

艺术 俱乐部 is a space for any MSMS student seeking an opportunity for self-expression. ca88希望艺术 俱乐部 provides time for students to slow down and embrace creativity in the middle of a hectic week. Meetings will consists of free time to create as one pleases and tips on how to develop artistic techniques and personal voice. 艺术 俱乐部 欢迎所有的学生吗, 不管艺术能力如何, and we will be undertaking a number of fun projects to engage the MSMS community throughout the year.

天文俱乐部 exists as an opportunity for people to relax and talk about something their 分享d interests: space! 

黑人学生联盟是一个社会团体 俱乐部 dedicated to the creation of a more inclusive, 有帮助的, and understanding community for African American students and their peers. BSA consistently contributes to the community by advocating for the justice of those wrongfully harmed by police brutality and hate crimes, organizing and participating in community service projects, 促进学术, 生产信息, 然而,娱乐, 表演, and organizing wellness seminars that keep both BSA members and the MSMS community informed on current events. 不仅仅是BSA 俱乐部,但它是一个家庭. Being that our members are so connected, the BSA offers special networking and leadership opportunities that will only propel you into your desired future. The BSA never fails to welcome all students. ca88,作为一个 俱乐部, 在你需要的时候提供支持, 在你绝望的时候得到安慰, 在你孤独的时候安慰你. 

Blu Diamondz is an all-inclusive performing step team founded upon sisterhood and service. Yes, we’re the girls that stroll and step at the parties! 每年, we accept new members and integrate them into the sisterhood by teaching them old steps and strolls, 同时也提出了新的想法. 根植于服务, Blu Diamondz typically participate in several community service projects throughout the school year—when given the opportunity. We strive to emulate the unexplainable bond between the “Divine 9” organizations of the NPHC, so we pride ourselves on being the “sisters” to the boys’ step team, 布鲁Knightz. 2020年1月, both organizations collaborated to form the inaugural “MSMS Allstars” step team, and we are eager for the “MSMS Allstars” culture to continue. Blu Diamondz look forward to growing the 俱乐部 and accepting new members!  

ca88是一个悠闲的人 俱乐部 looking to create a sense of community and foster conversation over breakfast-style cuisine.

Building Hope on Campus is a place where we strive to foster 讨论s of theology and find ways to serve our community. If you are a Christian or have any desire in learning more about the Christian faith, 请在周三晚上来参加ca88的活动!

国际象棋 俱乐部 is for the growth and development of all levels of 国际象棋 players. We want to create a fun and beneficial environment to all members that want to invest some of thier time into playing or learning more about 国际象棋.
基督教学生团契 (FCS) welcomes all interested students. We want to learn and grow in The Word as a group striving to be more and more Christ-like. We conduct our typical meetings with worship through music, a short video, and a lesson. At the end of the meeting everyone receives a name of someone who was there (picked randomly), and it is given so that you may be able to focus your prayer that week on that person. ca88知道短信可能很难, but God says that we should not worry and should not fear anyone but Him. Our time on Earth is tough but we will make it through with our Christian family and faith in Jesus.

电影俱乐部 is the perfect 俱乐部 for all kinda of film lovers. The 俱乐部 meets and watches a movie that has been picked by either the 俱乐部 presidents/sponsor or voted on by the members. We then get together and watch the movie with everyone else in the 俱乐部. Then we discuss the movie and 分享 interesting facts that anyone 必须 分享. We watch a wide variety of movies depending on the year and many other elements. There are absolutely no fees to join and 俱乐部 meeting are relaxed and fun.

Future Physicians of America (FPA) is a 俱乐部 for all students who see themselves in the field of medicine and being a physician. This is the 俱乐部 为你 if you want to be a physician—and you want to be around other people who want to be physicians as well. This 俱乐部 typically meets on bi-weekly on Wednesday afternoons and discuss pathways to medical school and specific branches of medicine while hearing from people in the field.

性别性联盟 (GSA) is all about the community and support system it provides.

示范安全理事会是一个 俱乐部 that focuses on the exploration of international issues through the eyes of the United Nations Security Council. 在这个 俱乐部, you’ll have the unique opportunity to act as a member country of the Council and debate resolutions dealing with global security crises. Our goal is to host practice meetings in preparation for the 模型安理会 State Convention that we compete in around March. If you’re interested in international relations and/or 公众演讲, this is the 俱乐部 为你!

mms时尚委员会是一个 俱乐部 for all members of MSMS who 分享 a passion for fashion to collaborate with others! We design, produce, and host many fashion events around the school and on social media.

精神 俱乐部 is devoted to spreading spirit across campus. If you like spreading positivity and making others happy, you should join 精神 Squad. Whether it is just spreading cheer or actually cheering, we have a place 为你!

μαθ at MSMS includes the typical math competitions, 有趣的数学游戏, 有趣的讲座, 以及创造性的社区服务项目. μαθ also offers multiple ways to serve the community with 数学的超级明星 and Math Outreach.

Здравствуйте!  欢迎来到俄罗斯 俱乐部, here to quench all of your hopelessly romantic and lightly communist desires.  在俄罗斯 俱乐部, we will reinvent our love of music, novels, poetry, and cinematography.  苏联时代的动画太多了.  We will meet twice a month to hang out and celebrate Russia through movies, 讨论, 和古怪的Kahoots.  If you’ve ever felt abnormally drawn to wild mushrooms, 洋葱穹顶, and witches that live in a wooded chicken-legged house to eat children in seclusion, 俄罗斯 俱乐部 这个地方适合你吗.  Comrades, it’s time to join the Motherland.  До встречи,加入俄罗斯 俱乐部!

The MSMS 参议院 is the Student Government Association’s legislative body. 这是一群参议员, two seniors and two juniors from each floor of each resident hall, that must be elected to represent the concerns of their peers through bills that propose changes to the MSMS Student Handbook or resolutions that address a problem outside of the handbook. The 参议院 meets weekly to discuss these bills to send to administration for approval, 否认, 或者需要重新考虑的意见. 

Shockwave is MSMS’ dance team with a focus on urban/street dance. Shockwave hopes to help its members fully embrace a passion for dance.

Our main focus is competing in Speech and Debate tournaments across the state and even nationally. 在比赛, you can compete in variety of different events in areas like acting, 公众演讲, 和讨论. You don’t need any previous experience to join! 如果你对戏剧感兴趣, 做有趣的演讲, 讨论重要问题, or you just want to get better at 公众演讲, 请考虑加入!

这就是桌面游戏 俱乐部. We allow students to relax by playing board games and hanging out, so if you want a place to decompress or have a bit of friendly competition, 就是这个地方.


俱乐部 is a group of students that meet weekly to sip pleasant beverages over lighthearted and thoughtful conversation. Our concern is mental stability and social comfort of the students in our class. We consciously set aside time from our busy schedules to chill and clear our minds, 而是因为ca88放松的天性, there is no obligation for a member to attend each meeting (which we call “parties”). Our members are encouraged to attend when they feel like they need a break.

第三个自我 是mms的创意写作播客吗!

The Wave is a 俱乐部 created to give viewers an insight on what it is like attending The Mississippi School for 数学 and Science. Our 俱乐部 is completely student-led and centers around our YouTube频道, ca88上传视频的地方! Our videos are typically range from vlogs to informational videos about the school, and any other fun ideas we may come up with. 一定要查看ca88的 YouTube频道!
你对政治感兴趣吗? Do you feel abandoned or excluded by the Democratic or Republican parties? 那就加入年轻的独立派吧! 年轻的独立派是一个 俱乐部 for 讨论 of politics and current events that encourages the voices of people on all sides. ca88不是一个苛求的人 俱乐部, and attendance is by no means mandatory. I hope you’ll join us this year as we look to cut through the partisan bureaucracy to find meaningful solutions.

嗨,作家! 创意写作俱乐部 is a safe space for poets, 有抱负的小说家, 漫画创作者, or short story writers alike to 分享 their ideas and receive constructive criticism and strong encouragements. Our goal is to build a community where all types of writers can 分享 their brilliant ideas without fear of judgment and so they could grow as people and as writers. We have plans of participating in many contests, 在ca88的短信网络内外都有, 所以,如果你有兴趣,请加入. 快乐的写作!

测试准备俱乐部 is a 俱乐部 for students to formally study for PSAT, ACT, and SAT together.